Our Dog Training Services in Columbus

At Christian K-9 Academy, we offer financing options on our Advanced Board and Train Programs (15, 20 and 25 days).

- 6 months interest free

Puppy Camp

If you just got a puppy, their training has never been more critical. Proper socialization and obedience training now ensure a well-behaved dog in the future. We offer our puppy training service as a board and train through our 10-day program!

No matter how much we love our dogs, there is always that one thing we wish they didn’t do. This could be as simple as jumping on people, pulling on the leash or as serious as severe aggression issues. Whatever it is you want to change in your dog’s behavior, we’re here to make it happen. At Christian K-9 Academy, we offer a wide range of services to ensure a custom-tailored experience to fit you and your pet’s needs. Contact us today for more information regarding our dog training in Columbus and see the world of difference we can make for you and your dog.

Dog Board & Train

Our leading service here at Christian K-9 Academy is our board and train program. When you board your dog with us during their training, we find that the quality of training is better and more effective when a professional works with your dog everyday. Our board and train program also frees you from the time commitment demanded from training sessions.

Our board and train programs are offered at four different levels. Our basic 10-day board and train is perfect for introducing your puppy or dog to professional training and teaching them the basics of sitting, lying, staying, walking on a leash, etc. Our advanced program focuses on specific problems your dog has and remediates them through a 15-day boarding session as well as follow-up lessons and private coaching. Our ultimate training program lasts for 20 days. Our complete program lasts for 25 days and helps to resolve reactive and aggressive dog behavior.

Aggression & Obedience Training

There are millions of dog bites annually in the United States, and most of these incidents could have been prevented with proper dog training. Many people with aggressive dogs fail to invest in training because their animal is friendly to them, so they don’t see a need. Unfortunately, it only takes a second for the owner to look away and their dog to attack another dog or, even worse, a person.

Aggression in dogs is usually attributed to fear and anxiety in the animal. The good news is that with proper dog training, and socialization these symptoms can be lessened to the point that your dog no longer feels threatened and therefore is no longer aggressive. Our 20-day Ultimate board and train program is designed to help with aggression and the underlying causes and give you more control over your dog.

In addition to aggression training, our professional trainers have the expertise needed to address a wide range of obedience issues with your dog.

Puppy Training

When it comes to puppy training in Columbus, nobody does it better than Christian K-9 Academy. Training a dog while they are still a puppy is the best way to approach your dog’s training. A solid foundation of training during this crucial developmental stage instills lifelong good behavior in your dogs and sets you up for success later. While we disagree with those that say, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” it’s certainly easier to do it while they’re pups.

Private Lessons

In our effort to make dog training available to as many people as possible, we offer several different lesson styles in both private and group settings. However you want your dog to learn, we are here to help teach them.

Christian K-9 Academy in Columbus

People all over the east coast trust their dogs in the care of Christian K-9 Academy because when they bring their dogs here, they see results. Whether your dog is an absolute nightmare or just has some minor behavior issues you would like corrected, we are the right people for the job. Contact us today for more information on our complete dog training services, and get started today.