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Columbus Puppy Training

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When it comes to puppy training in Columbus, nobody does it better than Christian K-9 Academy. Training a dog while they are still a puppy is the best way to approach your dog’s training. A solid foundation of training during this crucial developmental stage instills lifelong good behavior in your dogs and sets you up for success later. While we disagree with those that say, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” it’s certainly easier to do it while they’re pups.  At Christian K-9 Academy, we offer puppy training in Columbus through our 10-Day Board & Train program!

Puppy Training Services in Columbus

Our 10-Day Board & Train puppy training program in Columbus focuses on getting your dog to learn the very basics. Then, your puppy will stay with us at our home/facility and become a part of our family as we shape them into the dog you know they can be.

When you board your puppy with us for their training, we find that the quality of movement is better and more effective when a professional works with your dog every day. Our Board & Train program also frees you from the time commitment demanded from training sessions.

Puppy Training Curriculum

We start our puppy training program in Columbus by using marker/clicker training to teach the behaviors, and then we prove those behaviors they learned around distractions. Additionally, throughout the training course, you and your puppy will learn the following:

  • How to maintain the behaviors we taught
  • How to teach new behaviors and get rid of bad ones
  • Break bad habits you have as an owner
  • Simple commands such as Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Down and Place
  • How to walk next to you on a leash without pulling
  • How to stop jumping on people and biting/nibbling.

After your puppy has completed the training program, we will train you and teach you everything you need to know to handle your newly-trained puppy. This is an essential part of the program. And, if you experience any training problems after completing the program, we will work with you (applies to Columbus locals only) to make sure you and your puppy stay on the right track.

Cost of Puppy Training

Dog trainer columbus ohio

Our Columbus puppy training program costs $2,095 and includes training equipment. We require a $200 deposit to schedule your spot, with the remainder of the balance due halfway through the program. If we cannot make any progress with your puppy for any reason, you will not be charged the remaining balance for the program, and we will find alternate ways to train you and your puppy.

Why Choose Christian K-9 Academy for Puppy Training

At Christian K-9 Academy, we love people just as much as dogs and promise to give you the best experience possible with training your puppy. We feel dog owners should have a place they can trust to train their puppy that provides safety, the comfort of a home, and the best methods possible backed by science.

After the program, we won’t throw you to the side like any other business might. You’re a part of the Christian K-9 family. For us, that means for the life of your dog; we are just a call or text away to help you with whatever training problems you may encounter. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with our service!

Contact Christian K-9 Academy

Ready to schedule you and our puppy for our 10-Day Board & Train program? Call our office or send us an email to schedule your puppy for the program or an in-person evaluation at our facility. We look forward to meeting and getting to know you and your puppy!