Private Dog Training Lessons in Columbus

If your dog is misbehaving, private dog training lessons from Christian K-9 Academy may be just what you need to correct their behavior. Private lessons have several benefits over group lessons as they minimize distractions and ease the anxiety that many pets and owners feel during their classes.

At Christian K-9 Academy, we understand that each dog and owner are different, and we customize their training plan to meet their specific needs. Private lessons are ideal for dogs that are aggressive towards other animals or those that only have a few behaviors to correct. Whatever you and your dog’s needs are, our expert private dog trainers will determine an optimal training regimen custom fit to your desires and your dog’s personality. Contact us to get your private dog training under way and see the difference Christian K-9 Academy can make in your life.

  • Evaluation
  • In-Home Private Dog Training Lessons
  • Private Dog Training Lessons at Our Facility
  • Free Follow Up Appointments


Our evaluation process allows our certified trainers to assess your dog’s current behavior, determine what needs to be corrected, and develop a plan that best achieves your goals. The initial evaluation is a half-hour process that takes place at our facility. Contact us for more information or schedule your evaluation online.

In-Home Private Dog Training Lessons in Columbus

We offer private dog training lessons in the comfort of your own home. We find that in-home lessons are the best way to introduce dogs to training because there are no outside distractions. In-home lessons are ideal for aggressive dogs that aren’t quite ready for group training. 

If your dog is already well-behaved but has a few minor behavioral issues, private in-home lessons can be a great way to pinpoint those specific behavioral problems. Our in-home lessons can take place anywhere, so if your dog only misbehaves in public, we can work with them in those public places as well.

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Columbus Private Dog Training Lessons at Our Facility

In addition to our in-home private dog training lessons, we also offer private lessons at our facility. Private dog training lessons at our facility give your pet access to all of our training tools and allow them to become comfortable learning around minor distractions. Our private dog training lessons are designed to equip you and your dog with the necessary skills to continue your training long after your lessons are complete.

Free Follow Up Appointments

Training is an ongoing process, and if you don’t continue working with your dog, they may forget some of the new skills and behaviors they learned with us. Our follow up appointments are for existing clients who want to ensure their dog’s new behaviors continue even after their formal training is complete. Follow ups are 100% free for all existing clients.

Contact the Leading Private Dog Trainers in Columbus

Christian K-9 Academy has some of the best private dog trainers in Columbus. We strive to strengthen the bond between pet owners and their dogs, and our private dog training lessons do just that. Contact us for more information on our services or schedule your private dog training lessons online.