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At Christian K-9 Academy, we offer highly effective police K9 training aimed at maximizing your dog’s operational effectiveness. Our Police K9 programs are offered for active teams who are looking for maintenance training, assistance working through specific issues and team optimization training.

Training is what prepares you and your K9 for operational work, and the quality of your training after you and your partner graduate handler school is what makes the difference between an effective team and an ineffective one.

As handlers work with their K9s, it is common to discover new things about each other. Handlers also learn to understand the working style unique to their dog. During this process, it is natural to reach training plateaus and to discover specific areas where your K9 needs more work. You may want to refine their skills, speed up or slow down the pace at which they work tracks or detection exercises, fix a mediocre bite, or train a reliable out. Whatever the concern, Christian K-9 Academy will help you and your K9 become the best team you can be.

Searching for an experienced Police K9 trainer? Look no further!

Benefits of working with a qualified Police K9 Trainer

A police K9 can be a valuable asset in a number of situations and for a variety of reasons, including:

Remove the guesswork

We always hope that the longer we work with our dog, the more we will understand them. Unfortunately, sometimes handlers feel like the more they work with their K9, the less they understand them.

Understanding why your K9 is exhibiting certain behaviors in certain contexts is a critical first step in becoming an effective team. Misdiagnosing issues, however, can lead to significantly worse issues that can be very costly and time-consuming to fix.

By getting things right the first time, you can remove the frustration associated with guessing, as well as the potential dangers of trying to fix one issue when something else is really going on.

Get the most out of your Police K9 training

Your time is valuable, and your training hours are too. Quality training prepares a K9 team for everything that they will experience on the street – when the stakes are high, and accuracy counts. Bad training, however, will almost always result in chaos. Not just for the K9 team, but for their entire department. 

By making sure that you’re training the right way, you can minimize your chances of issues, while maximizing your chances of success.

Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio
Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio

Build a better bond

Any good handler knows that their K9 isn’t just a tool. They are a sentient being with emotions and a brain that is primed for rapid associative learning. If you have a solid bond with your K9, you both know that you can fully trust each other out on the street. A dog who cares is a dog who will work their best, and without a solid bond you will not be able to get the most out of your dog. 

We can help you make this bond as strong as possible, so you and your K9 partner can get the most out of each other all the time.

Create a more effective Police K9

If there is one discipline where a working dog must be 100% effective, it’s in law enforcement. Police K9s are tasked with apprehending suspects, finding narcotics, explosives or evidence, and tracking suspect locations. These are just a few of the jobs that many police K9s are required to do on a regular basis. 

Since these duties involve scenarios where the stakes are so high, it is imperative that police K9s are highly effective at their job with little room for error. Working with a qualified Police K9 trainer will help ensure that you have the most effective K9 possible

Troubleshoot and solve problems

In training, there will likely be at least one point where you realize that your police dog is exhibiting a behavioral response that you either don’t want, don’t understand, or would like to change. Working with a qualified LE K9 trainer will help you figure out exactly what is going on if you don’t know yet, and will make sure that the issue gets solved as quickly as possible.

Minimize the potential for legal issues

When you are working in a K9 Unit, you are responsible for two sets of decisions – yours, and the decisions of your dog. It is imperative to understand the laws associated with various types of deployment and make sure that your dog is capable of working within these constraints. 

Seemingly insignificant factors can be overlooked during training in favor of looking at the ‘bigger picture’, but oftentimes the small things are the ones that can get a team into the biggest trouble. Working with a professional Police K9 trainer can help you navigate the potential issues that can arise during deployments – and can also help your dog learn how to work in the safest way possible.

Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio

Police K9 training services and pricing

If you are interested in Christian K-9 Academy’s Police K9 training services, please contact us for more information. We would love to discuss your situation and how we can help! Give us a call on (614) 580-3454 or contact us via our online form.