Gun Dog Training

Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio

At Christian K-9 Academy, we are proud to offer premium retrieval training for a variety of hunting needs. We provide gun dog evaluations and start to finish personalized training for you and your dog, to help make you the most effective team that you can be out in the field and on the lake.

We know that you’re a serious hunter – and that you need a dog who is as serious about it as you are. At Christian K-9 Academy, we combine all of the components necessary to the development of a quality retriever including obedience, hunting capabilities, environmental work and the retrieval itself.

Our gun dog training takes your dog’s raw talents, drives and motivations, channels them into training, and then refines their skills to make them the most effective gun dog possible.

When you’re trusting your dog to perform a retrieval, you need to know that they know exactly what they are doing and that they will be effective in their job when the time comes to do it.

Searching for a high-quality gun dog trainer? Look no further!

What are the benefits of gun dog training?

Support from start to finish

From the evaluation to the finished product, we will make sure that you have exactly the dog you need to get the job done every time. We work with you and your gun dog to create a customized program to help you reach your goals in the type of environment that you plan to be working in.

An environmentally stable gun dog

Working with a professional gun dog trainer will help ensure that any potential environmental sensitivities are worked through so your dog is able to work confidently in any environment. For dogs who are naturally more sensitive to sounds or tactile changes, working with a gun dog trainer is an excellent way to help them work through this.

Working through the challenges

High-drive, high-energy hunting dogs can be difficult to reign in when it comes to obedience – especially when they are on a scent. Hunting is innate to them, but holding back may not be as easy.

Working with an expert gun dog trainer will help ensure your dog can perform critical commands such as recall, stay, and other behaviors which will be necessary when out in the field. Training proofs these cues, so your dog will respond effectively to them – even when they may be ranging far from you, or in the process of seeking out a scent.

Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio
Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio

Controlling and channeling instinct

Make sure that your dog is finding exactly what you want them to find – and only that scent. Dogs naturally tend to seek out a variety of scents, including those of animals – and having them begin searching for something else when they should be looking for a specific scent can be frustrating and wasteful. Gun dog training will help ensure that your dog knows exactly what they are looking for; when they should begin looking for it; and how to look for it in the safest and most effective way possible.

Help you understand your dog (and how to optimize their performance)

Every dog is different – and there is no one size fits all in dog training. In order to make the most of your dog’s potential, as well as your abilities as a team, it is critical to understand the dog in front of you and how they naturally work. By working with a professional gun dog trainer, you can learn to understand your dog’s natural strengths and minimize their potential weaknesses, so you have the most effective partner possible. Training will also help you understand how to best work with your dog so you are getting the most out of your hunt, every time.

Gun dog training services and pricing

If you are interested in gun dog training from Christian K-9 Academy, please contact us for more information. We would love to discuss your situation and how we can help! Give us a call on (614) 580-3454 or contact us via our online form.