Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio

Christian K-9 Academy offers dog boarding services based out of our dog training facility located near Columbus, OH.

If you’re heading out of town – perhaps you have a work trip scheduled, or are heading on an overseas family vacation where bringing your pup along isn’t an option – you need to make sure you’re leaving your four-legged friend in the safest possible hands. Our team of professional dog trainers have worked with thousands of dogs, and will ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable stay whilst you’re away from home!

When your dog stays at our facility based in West Jefferson, OH, they don’t just get the benefit of staying somewhere that is clean, secure and supervised. They will also have the chance to explore our 20+ acre property on off-leash walks, and engage in socialization and playtime with other pups (where appropriate). As dog owners ourselves, our team knows that leaving your pup behind can be stressful, so we take extra care and attention to make sure they have a good time when they stay with us. Think of it as a vacation for your dog!

We welcome all dogs, regardless of breed, size or weight. However, if we haven’t met your dog before, we do reserve the right to conduct an evaluation on their behavior before their first stay to ensure they will interact safely around our staff and other dogs.

Our boarding rate is $55/night. 

Looking to combine boarding with professional dog training?

Our range of Board and Train programs may be perfect for you! We offer 10, 15, 20 and 25 day programs to achieve your dog training goals. Contact our trainers today to find out how we can help!

What makes boarding with Christian K-9 Academy different

We know that leaving your dog at a boarding facility is a difficult decision – and you need peace of mind before dropping your dog off. With this in mind, we have built our boarding service with your dog’s health, wellbeing and happiness in mind. Here’s what you can expect if you drop your dog off with us for boarding.

Safety and security

When your dog stays at Christian K-9 Academy, we know you are placing your trust in us. Our facility is safe, secure and cleaned multiple times per day, so your dog’s wellbeing is never at risk.

Socialization and playtime

At our dog training facility, we frequently host a wide variety of dogs. This means your pup will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs throughout their stay, meaning they will make new friends and receive mental stimulation! Our staff is trained on K9 behavior to ensure that your pup is in the right play group for safety. They fully evaluate the suitability of dogs who will interact with one another before allowing them to socialize.

Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio
Dog Board and Train Columbus Ohio


Your dog will lead an active life during their stay with us! Our dog training facility covers 23+ acres, meaning there is plenty of space for your dog to roam. Dogs who stay with us receive regular walks and chances to explore. Very few boarding facilities are able to offer this level of physical exertion for your dog, ensuring that your pup will come back to you in great shape!


Professional care and supervision

Our staff of professional dog trainers are experienced and knowledgeable – not just about dog training, but many aspects of how to care for dogs. Dogs are constantly supervised and monitored to ensure their stay is an enjoyable one! When you leave your dog at Christian K-9 Academy, you know your dog is going to be in the hands of a team of professionals.

Peace of mind

We have worked with thousands of dogs over the years, and our reviews on Google and Facebook speak for themselves. We love dogs, and we love taking great care of them whilst you are away from home! 

More information

For more information on our Boarding services, contact us by calling (614) 580-3454 or emailing [email protected]. You can also fill out our contact form with any questions.