Meet your new trainers

About Us

Mitchell Christian

Mitchell Christian, is the owner and head trainer at Christian K-9 Academy and the president of the non-profit German Shepherd Rescue Ohio. 

Mitch’s love for dog training started in childhood, but it really blossomed while serving in the United States Marine Corps, where he spent some of his time around the handlers of the military working dogs and his passion grew. At the end of his active duty service, he worked as an engineering technician for Honda and Battelle before attending THE Ohio State University. He eventually realized the engineering industry wasn’t for him, and he decided to follow his passion as a dog trainer. He graduated  from one of the best dog training schools in the world at the top of his class, Highland K9 international school for dog trainers as a certified police and military k9 instructor. Along with training pet dogs Mitch has experience training police dogs, hunting, detection, tracking, and search and rescue. 

Bailey Stover / Head Trainer

I got into dog training when I realized I wanted to be able to do more with my dogs and one of them was reactive. I began researching and training to help her manage it and realized other people had the same problems. From there my passion turned into a career at Christian K9.  I love being able to help the relationship between the dogs and owners and allow them to explore and have fun together. The best part about my job is when the owners are so happy with the transformation of their dog and knowing that I have made a positive impact on someones life. I’m particularly talented with working with dogs who lack confidence. I feel it’s easy for me to connect with a dog and earn their trust. There was a certain case where I trained a fear aggressive dog named Hedi that no one else could get close to. I successfully rehabbed Hedi preventing her from being euthanized which was extremely rewarding. I also assist Mitch with handling the working dogs in detection, tracking and bite work.    

I have a Dutch Shepherd named Moose (pictured above) and a Belgian Malinois named Denali who I am currently working with to do the bite sport “PSA” to earn her first title. When I’m not training and hanging with my dogs I enjoy riding my horse “Shorty”. 

Rebekah Ayers / Trainer

I’ve always had a passion and love for dogs and I started in the industry as a veterinary assistant at Sunny side veterinarian clinic. I decided I wanted to make a change and started my career as a kennel technician here at Christian K9 then moved over to training. I love working here because I get to experience so many different types of training wether it’s protection dogs, police k9s or hunting dogs, there always something new that I’m learning. Having a background in veterinary care helps me identify any issues that a dog may have while in our care to ensure that all of the pups are safe and healthy while here for training.

I Have a Blue Heeler named Goose. We love hanging out and playing with Bailey’s dog Moose.

The Christian K-9 Guarantee

We feel that dog owners should have a place they can trust to train and board their dogs. Our facilities allow your dog to learn in a safe place with the comfort of you knowing they are in a clean and safe kennel. Our proven training methods are backed by science and guaranteed to achieve your desired results. Our business is built on the foundation of honesty, quality, and love for our clients and their dogs. If we can’t fix the problems with your dog or fail to meet your expectations, we won’t take your money. We will always be here to help you for the life of your dog. If you have any questions regarding our methods or services, feel free to contact us or stop by our facility today.