Christian K-9 Academy

20 Day Board and Train

board and train

Our 20 Day Board and Train program is for owners who are experiencing problem behaviors with their dog such as reactivity on walks, aggression/reactivity to visitors in the home, counter surfing, excessive jumping, and pulling on the leash. 

If you want to experience the true capabilities of your dog and get them back on the right track, this is the program for you. Your dog will stay with us at our facility and become a part of our family – we will shape them into the dog you know they can be. We start by using our marker/clicker training to teach the behaviors, then we proof those behaviors they learned around distractions.

Your dog will learn: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Down, Recall, and walk next to you off leash! They will sit and wait at doors until you call them to go. They will automatically sit when you stop on walks.  

This board and train program is best suited for owners who want the maximum return on their investment. Your dog doesn’t have to exhibit bad behaviors to attend this program. But if they do exhibit bad behaviors such as fearfulness, aggression, or reactivity towards dogs and/or other people, the 20 day board and train would be the program for them. Our certified dog trainers will get them on the right path to be the best dog you know they can be!

How It Works


To schedule you would need to contact us via phone or email. Or we can call you at a convenient time to answer any questions you may have. We then would schedule your dog for the program or an in person evaluation at our facility. 

Don’t worry – we will work with your separation anxiety too! During the program we will send videos and pictures and keep you up to date on your family members progress throughout the board and train on WhatsApp.

After the training program is complete we will train you and teach you everything you need to know and how to handle your newly trained dog. This is the most important part of the program.

We will teach you

  • How to maintain the behaviors we taught.
  • How to teach new behaviors and get rid of bad ones.
  • Break bad habits you have as an owner.

If any problems consist after the program we will work with you in your home if you are local to Columbus.

After the program, we won’t throw you to the side like any other business might. You’re a part of the Christian K-9 family. Which means for the life of the dog if you have any issues we are always a call or text away to help you with whatever problems you may encounter. We will work with you until you are completely satisfied with our service!

Cost and Payment


Includes equipment 

Only $200 deposit required to schedule spot. Remaining balance is due half way through program. 

If for any reason we cannot make any progress with your dog, we will not charge the remaining balance and find alternate ways to train you and your dog.