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A custom tailored training plan executed by a certified professional trainer. We will take them with any problems, you'll get them back a different dog at a affordable price.

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Social, family friendly highly trained companions to keep your loved ones safe.

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We had a great experience with Mitch. We hit a plateau rehabilitating our 4yr old rescue American Bully (pit), and needed some extra help. She was extremely nervous of people and often acted aggressively when people entered the home. I was having trouble finding someone who understood agression well, especially with her breed.
Mitch was great from day one, and after some board and train, she gained new tools to be able to socialize confidently with me. With proper tools, technique, and consistency, I can say she really is a healthy happy functioning dog now! It has been fantastic to see her not only meet strangers calmly now, but actually be excited to meet them! He also trained her with great recall and we are working on her pulling towards dogs.

Mitch consistently follows up with her training. He was fantastic with communicating the issues when we began as well, including techniques we already tried and specific goals we had for her. With the privates, follow ups, and group classes, the price of the board and train was well worth it. Would (and have!) recommend.

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Catherine Panchyshyn
4 Year old Pit Bull

As many “adopt” a pets I struggled getting Rozzi to adapt to her new home. She was a bit of an energy ball and tended to love choking herself on walks or “outsmart” me to be able to run away.

I saw the videos of Christian K-9 Academy and the work he put in. I decided to give it a try & let’s just say since the 2 week training class it’s like I have a new dog.

10 out of 10 times I would recommend sending your pup here OR going to some of his classes. I very much look forward to growing along with my pup and know ive got Christians K-9 Academy to thank for it!

Josh Northcutt
2 Year old mixed Rescue

If you are looking for PEACE OF MIND like we were DO NOT WAIT! Our 1 year old male German Shepherd, was becoming more and more territorial and distrusting of people and animals outside of the family. We can not thank Mitch enough for his expertise, we have had our dog home for a little over a week after spending 25 days. If you were like us, we never thought we would send our dog away to train. We spent the past year going to weekly training and he was very well-behaved for us. Our growing concerns were for others. Our dog was bit by a stray dog in our neighborhood at 4 months and never seemed to get past it. This past week we have enjoyed him not overreacting to people dropping by our house unexpectedly. Today, we witnessed the ultimate test, yet again another stray came within 10ft of him IN OUR YARD. Our dog was in his "place" in a down while I was doing yard work and he didn't move or growl - AMAZING. Mitch is also doing a great job of following up to ensure that all remains on track.

Amanda Musick
2 Year old German Shepherd